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Emmerdale spoilers: Does Jacob sleep with his teacher Maya on his 16th birthday?

Angry Maya sees everything in Emmerdale

It's Jacob's 16th birthday and he and Maya plan to sleep together in the summerhouse

It's Jacob Gallagher's 16th birthday and he's got his mind on just one thing: sleeping with his dad's girlfriend, his teacher, Maya Stepney.

The scene is set with the summerhouse decked out to make it look 'romantic'. But Jacob (Joe Warren Plant) is caught like a rabbit in the headlights when his date, Liv, turns up!

Unable to do anything but cover up his real plan, Jacob tells Liv (Isobel Steele) he's arranged it all for her! But what will happen next when asexual Liv then starts contemplating actually sleeping with Jacob - and Maya (Louisa Clein) turns up and sees the teens cuddling inside!

Angry Maya sees everything in Emmerdale

Robron's surrogacy plans take another hit when Robert (Ryan Hawley) loses out on a juicy haulage contract which could have funded their baby dream. Later, the couple reach out to Aaron's (Danny Miller) mum Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy (Dominic Brunt).

Aaron and Robert fill Chas and Paddy in on their surrogacy plans in Emmerdale

Aaron and Robert talk to Chas and Paddy about their hopes to become parents via a surrogate

First episode of Emmerdale tonight.