Emmerdale spoilers! Jimmy King charged with killing Paul Ashdale!

Nicola is in shock in Emmerdale

Nicola reels as her husband Jimmy informs her he's been charged with death by dangerous driving

Emmerdale's Jimmy King is headed for the slammer in Wednesday's episode on ITV from 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Since Jimmy's awful accident – which saw him veer off the road in his haulage truck which smashed into a barn and ended up killing Vinny's (Bradley Johnson) violent dad Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) – he's been convinced he's done for.

Emmerdale spoilers, Jimmy King

Jimmy King's haulage truck veered off the road, smashed into a barn and took Paul Ashdale's life

Vinny takes another brutal beating from his father in Emmerdale

Paul Ashdale, a violent gambling addict, was killed on the day he was meant to marry Mandy Dingle

Nicola (Nicola Wheeler), his wife, has said time and time again that it was an accident but Jimmy's (Nick Miles) taken a life and can't get past it.

When guilt-ridden Jimmy is taken down to the police station to formally discuss the incident, he leaves having been charged with death by dangerous driving. It's likely he's headed to prison.

Nicola is in shock in Emmerdale

Nicola reels when Jimmy tells her he's been charged with Paul's death

The couple are already in living in hell. They've got a custody battle raging with Juliette (Amelia Curtis), who's angling for custody of her biological son Carl which is draining them and their finances. And now this. Will the Kings stand firm and fight it together? Can their marriage take the strain?

Juliette is secretly watching Jimmy and Nicola in Emmerdale

Juliette is fighting the Kings for custody of Carl who was born following a mix up with Jimmy's sperm at a fertility clinic

Elsewhere, Kim Tate's (Claire King) unimpressed when her son Jamie (Alex Lincoln) announces he's got back together with Dawn (Olivia Bromley). Again. After trying to get Jamie to re-think his decision Kim gives Gabby, who's carrying her son's love child, food for thought.

Dawn tries to end it with Jamie in Emmerdale

Dawn wants to get back with Jamie - but only in secret

Later, Dawn suggests she and Jamie should see each other in secret.

And Faith (Sally Dexter) comes up with an idea for her hearse.

Faith comes up with a plan in Emmerdale

Faith has an idea on how she can put her hearse to good use
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