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Emmerdale spoilers: Home sweet home! Kim Tate gatecrashes the masquerade ball

Emmerdale, Kim Tate, Graham Foster

Hello, again! There's an uninvited guest at the masquerade ball when Kim Tate returns in style and announces she's the new owner of Home Farm!

As the masquerade ball gets underway at Home Farm, everyone is stunned when there's a last-minute addition to the guest list in the shape of Kim Tate!

Arriving in style, Kim sends shockwaves by announcing she's the new owner of Home Farm. And it's not long before her infamous acid tongue makes her some enemies, including Charity Dingle who was once married to Kim's late stepson, Chris Tate.

But is Kim about to push one villager a step too far?

Emmerdale, Charity Dingle, Kim Tate

Battle of the blondes! It's not long before the insults fly between Charity and Kim Tate (Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, despite previously being threatened by both Cain Dingle and Graham Foster, drug dealing nasty Simon McManus can't seem to stay away from the village of Emmerdale.

But his latest visit could also be his last, since Ross Barton is lying in wait to get revenge on Simon for the acid attack that changed his life forever.

Emmerdale, Ross Barton

Ross has waited a long time to get revenge on his attacker Simon (Picture: ITV)

After a tip-off that Simon is planning a robbery at Home Farm, Ross is on his way to confront Simon over the attack, determined to get a full confession about the fateful night Simon secretly mistook Ross for intended victim Joe Tate and threw acid in Ross's face.

But if Ross forces the truth out of Simon, will he finally discover his then love, Debbie Dingle was to blame, having ordered the attack on Joe, the man she's now about to marry!

Ross's former stepmum Moira Barton is desperate to keep him out of trouble and sets off in search of Ross, before things get nasty between him and Simon.

Emmerdale, Ross Barton, Moira Barton

Moira catches Ross attacking Simon! (Picture: ITV)

But as Ross and Simon come face-to-face at a lake and the confrontation takes a violent turn, will Moira be able to stop Ross before he flies into a murderous rage?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV