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Emmerdale spoilers! Ruthless Kim Tate is in the hot seat!

Kim Tate is furious in Emmerdale

Emmerdale spoilers - Kim Tate's underhand tactics to try to separate Jamie and Dawn have put her firmly in the firing line…

Emmerdale's Kim Tate has whipped up a storm in the second of Thursday's episodes on ITV from 8pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Kim Tate is known for her underhand tactics and she's been pulling some mean moves out of her hat this week. But trying to ruin a chance of a mum reuniting with her young son who's in care is pretty low!

Dawn's happy in Emmerdale

Dawn doted on her little boy Lucas who was recently taken back into care

Will Kim's (Claire King) plan to spike Dawn (Olivia Bromley) prior to her meeting with social services have results, or is Kim going to have Dawn coming for her with both barrels? Given that Dawn's the daughter of Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), who was once a drug baron, she's no shy and retiring wallflower!

When Tate goes against Taylor who will win?

And what will Jamie make of his mum's meddling?

Is their already strained mother-son relationship about to be crushed to a pulp?

Will Taylor [DEAN ANDREWS] finally snaps at Jamie Tate [ALEXANDER LINCOLN]

Dawn's dad Will used to be a drug baron (Image credit: ITV)

And what of the other poor girl who's got caught up in the Tates' messy world, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham)?

Gabby has a nasty fall in Emmerdale

Pregnant Gabby fell - is her baby ok?

Will her fall result in a miscarriage or is she still carrying Jamie's baby? If so, will she keep it given that Jamie and Dawn are now a thing? And what will Gabby's protective stepmum Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) have to say about it all?