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Emmerdale spoilers! Serial killer Lachlan to MURDER Priya?

Emmerdale spoilers! Serial killer Lachlan White to kill Priya Sharma when she finds his sinister shack?

Lachlan White targets Priya Sharma when she finds him at his sinister shack

Having heard Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) has hired security for the glamping site, Emmerdale's secret serial killer Lachlan White is terrified.

Though he cleaned up the 'mess' he made during his vicious altercation with former captive Rebecca (Emily Head), he needs to make sure the shack is spick and span and evidence free!

Sneaking back to the hut, Lachlan's giving it the once over when he notices the message Rebecca scratched into the wall, which reads: Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) is a killer. We're not quite sure how he managed to miss the message, as it seems pretty clear!

Horrified not to have spotted it before, he's trying to get rid of the damning scrawl when Priya turns up with security!

With a weapon in his hand, a panicky Lachlan lurks, trying to stay out of sight…

Will he succeed or is he about to have to strike again with his huge clump of wood to cover his tracks? Could he add another three bodies to increasing toll of death? Is there any stopping his murderous spree?

Meanwhile, as the war rages on between Maya and Leanna, Jacob is dragged into his friend's hate campaign against her stepmum.

Emmerdale continues on ITV.