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Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla Harding is appalled to discover conman Clive’s back-stabbing plan

Leyla Harding and Clive Emmerdale

Leyla is furious when she discovers Clive is planning to stitch up Frank and flee the country

It’s full steam ahead as Frank and Clive put their plan into action and load the forged painting into Megan’s car. Clive’s girlfriend Leyla Harding, who’s in on the scam, agrees to be their getaway driver, however she’s reeling to discover exactly what Clive has planned.

Leyla Harding and Clive Emmerdale

Leyla is disgusted to learn what Clive has planned

Not only is he planning to stitch up Frank but he’s also intending to flee the country!

Furious that he’s kept her in the dark, what will Leela decide to do? Will she warn Frank, or will she stand by her dodgy boyfriend and keep quiet?

Meanwhile Marlon and April get busy decorating the Christmas tree. As they begin hanging the baubles and arranging the tinsel, little April starts talking all about love giving Marlon an idea.

Marlon Dingle and Jessie

Marlon has a romantic surprise for Jessie

The romantic chef decides to spell out the words, ‘I love you’ in twinkly lights, especially for his girlfriend Jessie.

Marlon Dingle and Jessie Emmerdale

Jessie can't get out of the door fast enough!

However when Jessie returns to the house and sees the words lighting up the side of Tall Trees, she’s thrown into a spin. Poor Marlon is wounded when a panicked Jessie promptly rushes off unable to deal with her emotions.

Marlon Dingle Emmerdale

Poor Marlon is deflated that his romantic surprise has gone horribly wrong

Elsewhere Gabby and Leanne plot to split up Liam and Bernice and start hatching a plan.

Bernice and Liam Emmerdale

Gabby and Leanna want to split up Bernice and Liam

Plus Pollard is on hand to comfort Rodney who is feeling dejected after Tracy has sacked him from his job. Pollard encourages Rodney to drown his sorrows but a simmering Faith is not pleased to see the two men bonding together. Will she feel compelled to step in?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV