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Emmerdale spoilers! Robert Sugden collapses with stress about his missing ex Rebecca White

Emmerdale Robert collapse

Robert Sugden buckles under the stress of Rebecca White's disappearance

Robert Sugden can't rest until Rebecca White has been found. But his tireless searching for Rebecca (Emily Head), the mother of his baby son, is about to take its toll. As obsessed Robert (Ryan Hawley) is about to head out to continue looking for Rebecca, he becomes woozy and starts to fit… Aaron panics and it falls to his younger sister Liv (Isobel Steele) to call for a doctor.

Desperate to buy more drugs from dealer Gaz but unable to pay for them, Ross Barton needs cash. When he notices his brother Pete has left his jacket lying round, he pockets the money inside it.

At Home Farm, Graham Foster leaves the prenup paperwork lying around, knowing Debbie Dingle will spot it. Can Joe Tate convince his angry and hurt fiancee that the contract wasn't his idea?

First episode of Emmerdale being shown tonight.