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Emmerdale spoilers: Attack victim Victoria reveals she's keeping the baby

Victoria shocks Diane and Robert in Emmerdale

Pregnant following a harrowing sexual attack Victoria tells Robert and Diane she's keeping the baby

Having been attacked following a night out in Hotten, Victoria is now pregnant and the symptoms are starting to kick in.

Robert and Diane are on hot bricks over Victoria's plight and feel dreadful when the reality of her condition hits home. But when Vic tells the pair she's decided to keep the baby, they're stunned.

Robert takes the decision particularly badly but when Diane tells Victoria her brother will change his mind, she couldn't be more wrong. Though Robert doesn't want to hurt his sister any more than she is hurting already, he can't get behind her not to terminate her pregnancy.

Feeling stronger in herself, Victoria tells Marlon why she's had so long off work with 'flu'.

Jacob vows to wait for Maya in Emmerdale

David reels as Jacob vows to wait for Maya, refusing to believe she groomed and abused him

Elsewhere, refusing to believe Maya groomed and abused him, teenage Jacob tells horrified David he plans to wait for her.

This is the first of two episodes tonight.