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Emmerdale Spoilers! Will Sam Dingle and girlfriend Lydia Hart move in together?

Sam Dingle, Lydia

How will Sam react when girlfriend Lydia announces she wants them to live together?

There's some happy news for the Dingles, which is a rare thing for the family at the moment. Lydia is going to move in with Sam! The groundsman is delighted when she makes the suggestion to take the next step. Marlon Dingle, too, is also having success in romance and finally gets Jessie to agree to go out for a coffee with him. For Zak, however, things aren't going quite so well. He's got wind of Lisa's big decision and is blaming their daughter Belle…

A series of events leads Bob to find out about Brenda's "secret cupboard". He's stunned to see his fiancee has all manner of goods stashed away. Startled, he remembers how Brenda reacted and acted out when she had a brain tumour. Worried that Brenda's cancer may have come back, he confides his fear in Doug.