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Erica collapses! (VIDEO)

Carla agrees to meet Nick at the Rovers Quiz Night and David notices the chemistry between them. As Nick prepares to bare his soul to Erica, the quiz night begins with Erica acting as Question Master for Liz. Suddenly Erica collapses in pain and Liz orders Nick to take her to the hospital.

Alya tells Jason that she can’t live with their guilty secret, but Jason implores her to keep quiet. Later, Alya and Gary are left alone in the cafe, but despite her guilt, Alya can’t bring herself to tell him the truth

Refusing to give up, Brian once again attempts to tempt Julie with two golden holiday tickets and a bottle of champagne. But she strides past him unimpressed.

As Faye contemplates the prospect of Miley moving to the Hodges’, Izzy pays her a visit to point out she’ll regret it. Steph is shocked to get a call telling her Andy has been rushed to hospital. When Roy and Tyrone help Cathy pick up some dropped paperwork, they’re worried to discover unpaid bills.


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