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Evelyn collapses!

Evelyn pushes herself to the max, so she can be there for Josh. As she studies and spends the night in the hospital, she collapses and is diagnosed with dehydration and exhaustion - but her problems are quickly forgotten when Josh starts to wake up!

Ash and Phoebe comfort Hannah over her relationship woes. Phoebe being Phoebe gives Hannah her honest opinion, that she’s better suited to Andy, a statement Hannah doesn't deny.

Phoebe lands herself an interview at Summer Bay for a music tutor position but dresses in her typical rock chick style, leaving Greg Snelgrove lost for words. The interview goes well until Phoebe loses her temper when he addresses her outfit choice. Thinking she’s blown it, she gets an unexpected call from Snelgrove, offering her the position!

Chris focuses on his Bronze Medallion test in an attempt to push his relationship problems to one side. Hannah turns up at the exam to support Chris and he passes. When they two have a heart to heart, he drags up her cheating past, leaving her hurt and upset.