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Evelyn and Mason are back together!

Evelyn McGuire in Home and Away

Evelyn and Mason want to go back to the way they were… but things soon get complicated

Evelyn MacGuire and Mason decide to be friends with benefits again, but are caught in the act by a Summer Bay resident. Evelyn accepts Matt's offer to tutor Ellie, but when Ellie starts being rude and uncooperative, will Evelyn regret offering her services?

John decides to write love letters to Marilyn in order to keep the romance alive. Chris plants the letter in The Diner, but Marilyn refuses to believe John is behind the romantic gesture. Leah, however, believes another Summer Bay resident may have a crush on her…

Also, Tabitha creates another social media account to continue writing nasty comments about Olivia on the internet. She even recruits other girls from school to join in, making Olivia's life a living hell. Will Zac be able to stop Olivia's torment?