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Can Faith help Aaron face his self-harm demons?

Aaron Dingle, Faith Dingle

Faith helps Aaron address his fears about his self-harming scars

Aaron's trying to start a new romance with hot doc Alex but there's something holding him back. Aside from his baggage with his ex, Robert, Aaron's got another problem weighing on his mind. Worried that Alex will recoil when he sees his scars from his self-harming, Aaron has taken to pushing Alex away to skirt round the issue. When Faith, who has had a double mastectomy, realises what's scaring Aaron, she opens up the issue for discussion… Will her words ease his mind?

At Home Farm, Rebecca clocks a pile of unopened presents which Robert has bought for their son Seb. Will she listen to Chrissie and bin the gifts?

Gerry wakes up with a hangover having experienced his first Dingle Christmas.