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Busted! Finn finds his mum sneaking around at Wylie's Farm

Finn Barton, Emma Barton

Finn finds his mum Emma rooting around at Wylie's and grows suspicious

Finn decides it's time for a clear-out at Wylie's and is taken aback by his mum's reaction to the idea. With him having no idea what happened between his parents at the farm, he can't understand why Emma seems so alarmed. When he goes up to Wylie's to get stuck in, he finds Emma there looking really agitated. Emma shoves a note into her pocket hoping her son won't see - but he does…

The wedding is looming large and Pete is nervous. But when Leyla tells him Priya has vowed to help, he relaxes hoping his affair with his fiancee's best friend is done, dusted and forgotten.

Elsewhere, Megan plots to ruin Frank.