Fire! And Sarah, Jack and Kerry are inside

The accident waiting to happen with Kerry and Andy's kids has happened. Kerry has passed out drunk with a lit cigarette in her hand downstairs at Andy's house, while Sarah and Jack are asleep upstairs. What happens next is tragically predictable… The house catches fire and the grown-up that Andy left his kids with isn't capable of saving herself, never mind a little girl and a baby boy. Andy should have listened to Amy's accusations of neglect against Kerry and realised there was no smoke without fire. But he didn't because he was so determined to protect his relationship with Kerry. He should have been more keen to protect his children. Now, it could be too late…

Of course, if Debbie had more time for her children then they wouldn't have been in danger. That's the way Cain's going to see it… He's told Debbie she has to stop dumping Jack and Sarah on him, or Andy, or anyone else who will babysit. But Debbie's still on a mission to make lots of money fast. She has offloaded her kids yet again because she's meeting a new supplier. His name is Kirk and he's bigger than Robbie and better looking, so Debbie's much more interested in him - and Robbie's hurt.

Alicia has been hurt plenty by David and decides enough is enough. From now on, Dom is the man for her. In which case, she's going to have to start wearing longer and looser skirts, or trousers - otherwise every time she gets on Dom's bike will count as indecent behaviour.