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Gail’s lies spiral out of control

Gail tells Andy that as soon as Michael is well enough, he must move away. Meanwhile, Steph points out that with Gavin now dead, Andy can no longer use his National Insurance number. Gail accesses the Bistro computer hoping to change Gavin’s details, but she’s startled when Michael walks in.

Chesney’s relieved to hear Katy’s decided to stay but she’s gutted and heads to the Rovers, where she demands Callum buys her several drinks. As Callum guides a drunken Katy home, she shouts at him to leave her alone. On his way to Sinead’s physio session, Chesney tells Callum to clear off and helps Katy into her flat. At the hospital, Sinead tries to stand, terrified she’ll never walk again and is devastated that Chesney hasn’t turned up.

Aware she’s caused a rift between Billy and Sean, Emily resolves to try and put things right and dupes them both into meeting in the Rovers.

Sharif’s on to Kal and Zeedan’s egg scam. Callum winds Gail up by suggesting she could have an arm-wrestle with his Mum and the winner could have custody of Max.