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Gardeners' World 50th Anniversary
(Image credit: BBC/Glenn Dearing/Geffrye Museum)

It must be Spring – Monty and the team are back to help get our gardens in shape in the new series of Gardeners' World

It must be Spring – Monty and the team are back to help get our gardens in shape in a new run of Gardeners' World

Fresh from his Japanese Gardens travels, Monty Don returns to his regular gig tonight.

Joined by his dogs Nigel and Nellie, Monty gives out more green-fingered advice and gardening tips along with Adam Frost, Carol Klein, Frances Tophill, Nick Bailey and Arit Anderson.

At Longmeadow, Monty’s been busy over the Winter adding Spring bulbs to a new ‘Paradise’ garden and he’s working to move the new design forward.

He’ll also discover how creative other gardeners have been, with tips for window boxes, windowsills and balconies – you don’t always need a garden to grow things!

TV Times rating: ****

Please note this programme airs in N Ireland at 7pm and Wales at 9.30pm.

Gardeners' World

Monty Don is back! (Image credit: BBC/Richard Hanmer)

Monty tells TV Times more about the new series…

Gardeners’ World’s return must mean Spring is in the air…

I think that’s why people look forward to us coming back. Every year there’s a fresh start and in March something’s happening in our gardens – there’s hope again. I adore the sense of excitement in Spring as the days get longer and gardens have a new beginning.

What’s happening at Longmeadow this year?

We’re working on my new ‘paradise garden’, planting 500 tulip bulbs to look like the long, slender Ottoman tulips seen on wonderful 16th-century tiles in palaces in Istanbul.

We have also built a summerhouse.

Is the use of plastic still a concern?

It’s an issue that hasn’t and isn’t going to go away, so we’re going to keep working at ways we can treasure our plastic – by which I mean reuse what we have – so we have less need to buy more.

Sadly, black pots are not recyclable but a new taupe pot may be, so we plan on trialling alternatives.

Will you be visiting viewers’ gardens this series?

Yes, we’ll be back out on the road, seeing how people make every space count using small areas like windowsills or balconies.

These quirky films are my favourite; visiting someone in a tiny back street and finding they have 500 varieties of fuchsia or dahlias!

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