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Hannah Spearritt joins Casualty!

(Image credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images)

Primeval star and S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearritt makes quite an impact when she joins the cast of Casualty this week! She plays debt-ridden Mercedes Christie, who attacks ED receptionist Noel in the local park in a bid to raise some cash. The attempted robbery goes badly wrong, however, and Noel ends up in hospital fighting for his life.

There’s a further twist when Noel’s best friend, Big Mac, lies to his friends and the police about what really happened. Ashamed to admit he hid in the public loos during the attack, Big Mac allows everyone to think he heroically rescued Noel from a male thief.

Desperate for cash, Mercedes follows Big Mac to the hospital and blackmails him. Reluctantly, Big Mac pays up in order to keep her silence…

Also this week, Max’s latest one-night-stand, Victoria, wants a relationship with the hospital porter. At first he pretends he’s interested to make his ex, Zoe, jealous. But later he turns to Zoe for help in dumping Victoria!

Dixie is down in the dumps so Iain bets he can make her laugh by the end of their shift. However, he loses and has to clean the ambulance in his underwear – to the glee of the other staff!

Elsewhere, Cal takes a sample of brother Ethan’s blood in order to show a nervous patient needles are nothing to be afraid of. But instead of dumping the blood, Cal pockets it and plans to secretly test Ethan for Huntington’s disease!

Meanwhile, Ethan is disillusioned with the NHS and writes up a resignation letter…

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