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Harriet has dangerous information on Chrissie

*Second episode*

Cain’s kissing Chrissie at the garage when he suddenly comes to his senses. The lovecheats have no idea Harriet, who has been hired to keep her eye on Cain’s movements, has caught their kiss on camera! Later, Chrissie feels guilty when Robert tells her the truth about the mobile phone, admitting it’s Adam’s. Chrissie’s guilt then turns to panic when her husband goes on to reveal he’s employed Harriet to tail Cain in a bid to track down Victoria and Adam! When Harriet later meets with Robert, will she reveal the incriminating snap?

After Laurel came to Ashley’s aid while he had a seizure, he’s very grateful. Admitting his worries that the epilepsy will take over his life, Ashley asks Laurel not to tell Harriet about it. But his girlfriend finds out and decides she needs money to help Ashley stay safe.

While Cain and Moira get their marriage passionately back on track, Joanie tries to make herself useful for Zak and Lisa. Kerry’s desperate to spend time with her grandson, Kyle, but Joanie isn’t about to let that happen.