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Harry spots Pete with Cleo!

The McQueens are happily getting ready for Reenie and Pete’s wedding, apart from Cleo. Pete reassures Cleo that he still loves her, but has to marry Reenie to look after her. When Cleo then spots Pete with Jade in the village, she tells him she’s stopping the wedding. He drags her into the alley to talk her round but Harry spots them and chases after her when he sees she’s upset. Later, as Reenie walks down the 'aisle' towards Pete, Harry can’t believe it when Cleo tells him about her relationship with Pete and storms off to tell her family. As Reenie and Pete are declared husband and wife, Harry bursts through the doors…

As Cindy and Dirk arrive home, Cindy’s desperate to keep her husbands away from each other. Mac finds Cindy in Price Slice and Simone’s stunned when she overhears them talking about their secret marriage. Cindy explains her history with Mac but Simone urges Cindy to tell Dirk. But it’s too late when Dirk and Cindy bump into Mac – and Mac finds out the truth.

Also, Darren and Jack tell Jade that social services have found her a permanent foster home, and Myra tells Diego to leave but, when he kisses her, she can't resist!