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Harvey and Winston leave Summer Bay

John is led to believe that Winston is taking Marilyn on his trip, so tells Jett. Dex talks to Winston and finds out that Harvey is the one going. As Winston and Harvey prepare to leave, Winston gives the deeds to the Blaxland back to Alf. Jett tries to convince Marilyn to stay, and it's only now that he realises Marilyn was never going in the first place. When Marilyn figures out that John thought she was leaving, she tells him that he's one of the things that makes Summer Bay so special.

After his collapse, Spencer is rushed to hospital and Chris reveals that he has bipolar disorder and is off his medication. Spencer is livid that Chris has betrayed him. Spencer admits to Sasha that taking medication makes everything seem dull, but Sasha points out that it's dangerous. He finally relents, and asks Sasha to help him.

Indi tells Chris she was disappointed that he didn't confide in her and Chris claims there will be no more secrets. Meanwhile, at the Pier Diner, a mystery woman has arrived claiming she is Chris's girlfriend.

April starts to worry that Dex has too much time on his hands now that he's resigned. Dex realises that it's time he get his life together. He immediately heads back to the hospital to ask for his job back, where Dr Bradley agrees to call his supervisor.