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Heston and Ruhma get together

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Emma accidentally calls Anthony 'Howard' and Heston says it's her grief talking. Ruhma says that she wants to talk to him, and they agree to go for a walk. She finally tells Heston she has feelings for him and the feeling is mutual! They are both slightly giddy with it all and begin by holding hands.

Anthony says that they need to think about rebranding starting with refreshing the website so Jimmi takes pictures of people, including Mrs Tembe. Jimmi takes the pictures to Anthony, who says he won't use any of Mrs Tembe as he wants to push the doctors. Anthony then tells Mrs Tembe that she is free to send the pictures home to Botswana. Mrs Tembe isn't quite sure what he means - her home is in Letherbridge!

Also, Mary lies with her lover Dylan, when husband John arrives home, surprising them. Dylan flees but in his escape act of driving off, he hits and kills an old woman, as Mary watches on.