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Holly and Robbie's passion sets off the smoke alarm!

Jason offers to go with Holly to a University open day but she tries to get out of it. Meanwhile, Holly lets slip to Harry about her affair with Robbie. Robbie and Jason both go to the HCC open day, but Robbie leaves to meet Holly at the hotel. There, they smoke some weed but Holly begins to feel sick and they set off the smoke alarm. Jason gets a call at the station about suspected cannabis possession at the hotel. With the smoke alarm now silent, Holly and Robbie begin to kiss passionately until they are interrupted again – but this time it's the police…

Pete tries again to persuade Nathan to give him the job to revamp The Dog but, when Nathan refuses to back down, Pete rips The Dog's guttering away from the wall. With the guttering causing a leak, Nathan has no choice but to ring Pete. Cleo's shocked when she sees Pete working at The Dog and Harry's furious. Harry and Cleo tell Jason that Pete's working at The Dog, but there's nothing the police can do, so Harry takes matters into his own hands… Later, Nathan’s shocked to hear that Harry pushed Pete off the ladder while he was fixing the guttering.

Also, Leela and Cameron, Ste and Harry are all loved up and ready to compete in the Mr and Mrs Competition at The Dog. And Cindy gets busy serving pints behind the bar believing half of the pub is rightfully hers!