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Hollyoaks spoilers @25: Killer Silas Blissett is on the loose

Silas Blissett in Hollyoaks

Killer Silas Blissett plays a cunning game and frames Brendan Brady

It’s 2011 on Hollyoaks@25 and - as the soap goes back in time on E4 (see our TV Guide for full listings) - Lynsey Butterfield (Sophie Austin) has been trying to convince everyone that Silas (Jeff Rawle) is a killer. Silas has set up a hidden camera in Brendan (Emmett J Scanlan), Lynsey and Cheryl’s flat. He watches from his phone as Brendan and Cheryl wonder where Lynsey is.

Brendan Brady

Brendan Brady played by Emmett J Scanlan

Brendan is worried when he gets a call that she didn’t turn up for work. After speaking to Texas, Brendan thinks that Lynsey could be in danger after she went to meet someone she was speaking to online. Silas hides in the village and watches as Brendan finds a note from ‘Lynsey’ on his windscreen leading him to find her in the woods.

Brendan in Hollyoaks

But when he gets there, Brendan discovers Rae’s dead body in the boot of his car – just as the police arrive…

Brendan Brady

Elsewhere Darren is annoyed that Nancy is spending more time working than with him.

Plus it’s Rhys’ birthday and he wants some alone time with Jacqui, but she has to work and there are crossed wires when she buys him a joke present.

Hollyoaks@25, which celebrates 25 years of Hollyoaks and looks back at some of the soaps most memorable episodes, airs every weekday 7pm on E4. New episodes of Hollyoaks will begin again in September