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Hollyoaks spoilers: Imran is fuming when Misbah derails his date with Brooke


Tensions bubble in the Maalik house when Misbah scuppers Imran's date with Brooke. Is Imran about to explode again?

Things between Imran and Brooke have been ticking along nicely and Imran is very much looking forward to the two of them going on a date. So when Misbah announces that fearsome Aunty Kameela is coming for lunch and she wants all the family to be together to try and make a good impression, Imran is seething.


Worried that the situation is going to escalate with her fiery brother, Yazz, who has been secretly drugging him with Misbah’s medication to keep him calm, decides she needs to give him another dose.


Following her last disastrous visit, Misbah is doing her best to convince Aunty Kameelah that her family isn't in complete shambles but she quickly realises she's got her work cut out.


Meanwhile when Yazz realises the pills have run out she’s worried and quickly hurries off to try and pick up another prescription without her mum’s knowledge. But is the pharmacist starting to get suspicious? And will Imran hold it together during lunch or is there going to be another Maalik family meltdown?

maaliks-aunty kameela-hollyoaks

Elsewhere Cindy has an unwelcome new house guest and Breda tries to play cupid when she spots the chemistry between Mercedes and Sylver.

Plus Mac is on the warpath when he starts to have flashbacks of everyone in the village who has wronged him. As he continues to piece together events from the past he’s out for blood. Who has he got in in his sights?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4