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Hollyoaks spoilers: James Nightingale and John Paul McQueen go for a drink

John Paul McQueen and James Nightingale

James Nightingale and John Paul McQueen meet up and rake over John Paul's situation. Is John Paul ready to confront his rapist Finn O' Connor?

James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) is shocked when he comes face to face with John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) in tonight’s Hollyoaks on at 6.30pm (See our TV Guide for full listings).

John Paul made a surprise return to Chester in yesterday’s episode after being told by his mum Sally St Claire (Annie Wallace) and scheming Edward Hutchinson (Joe McGann) that there was an emergency in the village and they urgently needed his help.

John Paul, who’s been living and working in Singapore, jetted back to Chester only to discover Sally and Edward have teamed up to try and get rid of convicted rapist Finn O’Connor (Keith Rice) and were urging him to get on board with their plan.

Years ago, former Hollyoaks High teacher John Paul, was terrorised by homophobic pupil Finn whose vile bullying culminated with him hitting John Paul on the head and raping him.

Finn O'Connor

Finn O'Connor recently made an unwelcome return to Chester after being released from prison

Finn later attempted to rape Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) before being convicted and sent to prison.

Tonight, when lawyer James spots John Paul back in Chester, the two of them get talking and end up going for a drink together.

John Paul McQueen and James Nightingale

James and John Paul catch up over a drink

John Paul has said he wants nothing more to do with Finn and has no intention of going near him but James asks him whether he isn’t just a little bit tempted to face his attacker now he’s done his time in prison and has been released.

John Paul McQueen and James Nightingale

Will John Paul face his attacker Finn?

What will John Paul decide to do? Will he go and see Finn and, like Sally and Edward want him to, urge Finn to leave the village?

Elsewhere Juliet Quinn (Niamh Blackshaw) has got a tricky decision to make about her new friend Sid Sumner (Billy Price) and Yazz Maalik (Haiesha Mistry) is keeping a close eye on Tony’s dad Edward after her suspicions about him continue to grow.

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4