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Hollyoaks spoilers! A manic Alfie barricades the Cunninghams into their own house

The Cunninghams find themselves trapped as Alfie's manic behaviour escalates. Is he about to put his own life at risk?

Alfie, who’s surrounded himself with papers and calculations, is convinced the Cunninghams are in imminent danger. He barricades the alarmed family into their home to keep them safe.

Cindy tries to clam him down but quickly realises he is seriously unwell and is hearing voices in his head.

Tom, Marnie and Ellie head to the Cunninghams but are worried when a defensive Alfie won’t let them in.

Suddenly overwhelmed by fear, Alfie, who thinks that everyone is against him, makes a run for it and bolts to the archway in the village. As he stands teetering on the top, what is he about to do?