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Hollyoaks spoilers! As Adam's funeral gets underway, a grieving Maxine demands answers about his suspicious death

Hollyoaks spoilers: Adam covers his tracks and guilty Darcy comes to a dramatic decision

There are more shocks in store for Maxine. Plus a suspicious Luke is certain Mandy is cheating on him but has he got the wrong guy?

Maxine is still reeling following the revelation from DS Roxy, that it was Glenn who murdered his own son, Adam.

With Adam’s funeral planned for that day, a grieving Maxine goes to visit copper Roxy in a bid to know more about what happened. What will else is she about find out and how will she react as more shock revelations come tumbling out?

Elsewhere Mandy sneaks off to meet Darren and it’s not long before the pair are kissing passionately once again.

Mandy quickly tells Darren they can’t go on and their affair is over but things soon take a dramatic turn when her hubby Luke grows increasingly suspicious. Is he about to confront his cheating wife?