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Hollyoaks spoilers: Misbah Maalik tells Imran they must go to the police

Misbah- hollyoaks

Misbah Maalik insists to son Imran that they must got to the police and Tony and Diane are in for an almighty shock when Sinead turns up in the village

After months of suffering at the hands of her son’s violent attacks, Misbah Maalik, (Harvey Virdi), tells Imran, (Ijaz Rana), they are going to the police and he has no choice but face up to who he is.


Meanwhile it’s Rose’s birthday party and Scott is booked as the entertainment. Plus Tony and Diane Hutchinson are flabbergasted when Sinead O’Connor, (Stephanie Davis), Diane’s step-daughter who had a torrid affair with her hubby Tony, turns up in Chester.

Elsewhere, when Mercedes McQueen’s, (Jennifer Metcalfe) son Max finds a phone, Russ Owen, (Stuart Manning), is furious and calls him a little thief.

Hollyoaks, Mercedes McQueen, Russ Owen

He also has a pop at Mercedes branding her a ‘lazy cow’ and a dig at the McQueens, calling them all con artsits.

A livid Mercedes gives her fiancé an ear-bashing and Russ later apologises and tells Max he can keep the phone. However he’s unaware the phone is Sylver’s old one...


...And it contains some very damning evidence against Sylver, (David Tag) and Mercedes!

Is the fact that Sylver recently told Mercedes he loved her and the pair have also shared a passionate kiss, plus Sylver helped move Carl Costello's body to protect Mercedes, about to be discovered?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4