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Hollyoaks spoilers: Tom invites Peri to spend the day with their daughter Steph

peri lomax and tom and steph

Peri bonds with her daughter Steph but regrets all the time she has missed out on during Steph's early years

Peri Lomax, (Ruby McDonnell), is delighted when Tom Cunningham, (Ellis Hollins), suggests that she spends the day with their daughter Steph.

As the two of them bond, Peri, who gave birth to Steph when she was just 14,  is thoughtful about all the time she’s missed with her little girl and regrets not being there for her in her early years.

peri lomax and tom and steph

Later on she’s shocked when headmistress Sally St Claire lets slip to her that  her girlfriend, Harley, has been fooling everyone into thinking she’s doing really well at school when in fact she is failing badly. Will Peri be able to help Harley, (Mollie Lambert) or are Harley’s days at Hollyoaks High numbered?

Elsewhere Russ Owen, (Stuart Manning), buys his fiancee Mercedes McQueen, (Jennifer Metcalfe),  an expensive necklace as a gift but when Goldie spots it, she demands that he gives it to her instead otherwise she will tell Mercedes about the recent one night stand she had with cheat Russ!

A blackmailed Russ reluctantly hands Goldie, (Chelsee Healey),  the jewellery but is Mercedes about to get an inkling that she’s been betrayed by her fiancé?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4