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Home and Away spoilers: Brody Morgan clashes with Dean over Ziggy

Home and Away, Brody Morgan, Ziggy Morgan, Dean Thompson

Brody Morgan loses his cool when his wife Ziggy gets drunk with mechanic Dean at the garage. Is there trouble in paradise for the newlyweds?

Brody Morgan has already started to get the hump over all the extra time his wife Ziggy has been spending with her troubled co-worker Dean Thompson. But when mechanics Ziggy and Dean hit the beers together after-hours at the garage, Brody is not amused when he has to go and collect his drunk wife and finds her throwing-up! Oh dear...

Brody Morgan snaps and he immediately blames Dean for Ziggy's drunken state and accuses him of causing trouble all the time. Will Dean defend himself and reveal that he has actually been trying to tame Ziggy's wild ways and encourage her to focus more on her marriage to Brody?

Elsewhere in the Bay, Coco Astoni is still annoyed by her friend Raffy Morrison accusing her of neglecting her boyfriend Ryder Jackson.

When Raffy tries to apologise to the couple later, Coco accuses her of deliberately trying to cause trouble between them. Raffy hopes her friend Ryder will come to her defence. But instead Ryder sides with Coco, leaving Raffy upset by the way her two best friends have rejected her. Will they all be able to patch up their differences?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5.