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Home and Away spoilers: Can teens Raffy, Coco and Ryder help John and Marilyn?

Home and Away, Raffy Morrison, Coco Astoni, Ryder Jackson

Raffy is fed-up with being caught in the middle of foster parents John and Marilyn's arguing. Can she and friends Coco and Ryder help fix the problem?

John and Marilyn have been bickering non-stop since their foster son Ty left Summer Bay to live with his mum again.

Marilyn is keen to foster another child but John still hasn't got over Ty's departure, and foster daughter Raffy has found herself caught in the middle of their squabbles. Deciding enough is enough, Raffy plots with her pals Coco and Ryder to help solve the problems in the Palmer house.

Meanwhile, sensing girlfriend Dempsey may not want to go through with the pregnancy, a worried Mason turns to his hospital doctor sister Tori for advice on his rights as the father. But he's alarmed when Tori reveals fathers don't have rights until after the baby is born. Can Mason convince Dempsey he is serious about wanting to co-parent the baby with her?

Tori's plans to have a child of her own suffer a setback when she hears from the IVF clinic it could be six months before a donor is found, which could be too late with her fertility issues...

And in the fallout from his affair with his married university lecturer Christina, there's a shock for student Hunter when he hears he has been dropped from the university work placement because of a report from Christina. Is she prepared to jeopardise Hunter's future career plans to protect her own reputation?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5