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Home and Away spoilers: Colby is suspended from the police force

Neighbours Week26 Sindi

Colby is devastated when he is suspended from the police force pending an investigation. Will his criminal past lose him his job?

Colby's secret past as a member of the River Boys surf gang is all the talk of the town and now his career with the police could be jeopardised.

Unaware Salt's newest waitress Ebony Easton has been secretly scheming to wreck Colby's life as pay back for fatally shooting her criminal brother, Boyd, and leaked the story to the newspaper, Colby shares his woes with Ebony and is shocked when Ebony 'accidentally' lets slip that she heard Jasmine discussing his shady past. Will Colby suspect Jasmine of exposing his big secret?

Meanwhile, Hunter King, Mason Morgan and Olivia Fraser are all single and ready to mingle. But who'll have the most luck finding a new love?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5