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Home and Away spoilers: Dean Thompson attacked and left for DEAD!

Home and Away, Dean Thompson

There's danger for Dean when he steps in to protect Ziggy from a bunch of rowdy party-goers at the Caravan Park...

Dean Thompson has definitely been looking out for his former garage co-worker Ziggy Morgan since her marriage break-up, even if she did mistake his kindness for something more and try and snog him!

So Dean becomes concerned when Ziggy attracts the unwanted attention of out-of-towner Mark and his mates, who are on holiday in Summer Bay.

Ziggy is still coming to terms with the news her estranged hubby Brody is planning to leave the Bay with new lady love Simone Bedford, so Dean warns Mark and his buddies to leave her alone. However, it looks like he may have made an enemy...

When Ziggy later decides to join Mark and his mates for a party at the Caravan Park, a boozed-up Mark starts getting a bit too close for comfort and, when he starts hassling Ziggy, Dean steps in to intervene.

But Mark and his friends are not happy with Dean's interference and are spoiling for  fight - which could have dangerous consequences for Dean...

Home and Away, Jett Palmer

Jett has been left in a wheelchair since the explosion in Afghanistan (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Marilyn Chambers and John Palmer are increasingly worried about their son Jett's mental health, after their injured son said he wished he had died in the explosion that rocked his army base in Afghanistan.

As Jett continues to struggle with his survivor-guilt, John returns with good news from Chaplain Wilson that the army investigation has cleared Jett of any wrong-doing leading up the tragic event.

But Jett refuses to accept the outcome of the investigation and instead makes a SHOCK announcement: he's decided to move out of the Palmer house and live on his own...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5