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Home and Away spoilers: Dean Thompson makes a SHOCK discovery...

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Amber Simmons
(Image credit: Channel 5)

Dean Thompson fears the worst when he discovers Amber has done a runner with their son, Jai on Home and Away! Has he seen the last of them?

Dean Thompson (played by Patrick O'Connor) starts to fear the worst after the strange behaviour of his ex, Amber Simmons (Maddy Jevic) on yesterday's episode of Home and Away (1:15pm/6:00pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings).

At first, it seemed as if Amber had forgiven Dean for going on the run with their young son, Jai (River Jarvis).

But clearly all is NOT forgiven. When a suspicious Dean races over to Amber's place, he discovers all of her and Jai's belongings are gone and they're nowhere in sight!

A desperate Dean tries to track down Amber. But he's in for a total SHOCK when he eventually catches up with her...

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Tori Morgan, Leah Patterson

Justin is back in hospital again after a SHOCK collapse on Home and Away...

Meanwhile, Justin Morgan (James Stewart) struggles to eat after his first round of radiotherapy.

And the situation doesn't improve when the garage boss suddenly collapses!

Justin's hospital doc sister, Tori (Penny McNamee) and her boyfriend, Christian Green (Ditch Davey) spring into action and get Justin to hospital.

But will he be OK?

Home and Away, Alf Stewart, Martha Stewart

Alf and Martha return from their latest roadtrip on Home and Away

Elsewhere, Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) and his wife, Martha (Belinda Giblin) are back in the Bay after their latest travel adventure.

However, family friend, Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) soon notices there is tension between Alf and Martha.

As the pair continue to bicker back at home, just what is the reason behind the sudden tension in their marriage?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm/6:00pm on Channel 5