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Home and Away spoilers: Dean Thompson discovers a SHOCK family secret

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Colby Thorne

Dean and Colby go on a roadtrip to visit Dean's former home. But while they are there, Dean makes a startling discovery about his runaway dad's identity...

Dean Thompson and his one-time River Boys buddy Colby Thorne go on a road trip to Mangrove River to clean-up his mum Karen's house, while she is in treatment/rehab for her troubles. But visiting his childhood home brings back bad memories for Dean of the violent relationship he had with his abusive mum.

And Dean's mood only darkens when Colby finds an old newspaper cutting about a former football player, Rick Booth, clipped to a sealed envelope. But what's inside the envelope? And could Dean and Colby be correct in their suspicions that Rick Booth might actually be Dean's missing-in-action dad?

Meanwhile, Jasmine Delaney is in for a disappointment as her first official date with new fella Robbo is ruined by an emergency call from Dr Tori Morgan, who is undergoing IVF treatment with Robbo as her sperm donor.

With an ultrasound test showing the IVF injections haven't worked as expected, Jasmine finds herself sidelined, as Robbo supports Tori through all the drama. Will Jasmine and Robbo ever get the chance to have their first date?

Elsewhere in the Bay, things are still awkward between Colby and police partner Chelsea Campbell following his confession that he left Dean to take the fall for a crime they were both involved with as members of the River Boys surf gang. Can Chelsea bring herself to give her relationship with Colby another chance?

And Willow Harris and Justin Morgan's romance has run into trouble of late, with all the family dramas surrounding them. Can the couple find a way to spend some quality time together and get things back on track?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5