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Home and Away spoilers: Happy 18th birthday to Ryder Jackson!

Home and Away, Ryder Jackson

Ryder's in big trouble with Alf and Roo after being discovered in a hungover state! But things get worse when everyone forgets his birthday

Ryder Jackson is in a whole lot of trouble after his grandad Alf Stewart returned home from his trip to Hawaii and found the teenager in a hungover state.

Alf's daughter Roo tries to keep the peace but neither of them realise just how troubled Ryder has been since the basement tunnel collapse that left Ryder's school friend Raffy in a coma with partial brain damage.

However, Ryder wakes up to more than just a hangover when nobody at Summer Bay House seems to remember it is his milestone 18th birthday. Feeling even more down in the dumps, will Ryder secretly be tempted to hit the booze again?

Meanwhile, out at The Farmhouse, Maggie Astoni feels her family are still hovering protectively around her after her battle with cancer.

But when they won't leave the school Principal alone while she marks exam papers, Maggie snaps and orders them all to leave her alone! Is Maggie taking her frustrations about her undecided future out on hubby Ben and daughters Ziggy and Coco?

And foster parents Marilyn Chambers and John Palmer are still feeling left out of the loop when a well-meaning Brody Morgan tells them the Morgan family will take care of his sister Raffy's post-hospital care.

Should Marilyn and John speak-up over losing Raffy, who they have come to think of as their daughter?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5