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Home and Away Spoilers: Justin starts to fear the worst as the hunt for missing Ava intensifies

Justin is terrified about what could have happened to missing Ava

With Ava still missing the concern for her safety escalates. Tori, Brody and Mason try to calm Justin down by saying she's probably just run away, but things take a turn for the worse when Ava's abandoned backpack is discovered near a bus stop.

An anxious Justin can no longer deal with the situation and when Colby suspects foul play and orders a forensic team to dust for fingerprints at the Morgans' house, Justin breaks down.

Elsewhere, Ash is shocked to discover the dramatic turn of events that unfolded at Robbo's trial, and becomes deeply frustrated that justice hasn't been served. However, it is clear there are more revelations to come concerning Robbo as the plot thickens.

Plus, Colby's behaviour worries Jasmine when it appears he is haunted by a dark secret. What's he been hiding all this time?