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Home and Away spoilers: Justin Morgan is shocked when girlfriend Willow wants to move out!

Home and Away, Willow Harris, Justin Morgan

Will Justin and his girlfriend Willow's perfect love bubble be burst when Willow unexpectedly announces it's time she moved out of the Morgan house?

Even though Justin Morgan and girlfriend Willow Harris broke-up months ago, the pair have continued to have feelings for each other.

They've grown close again since Justin invited Willow to move into the Morgan house after her gambling addiction left her broke and homeless. So with a thumbs-up of approval from her other ex-boyfriend, Dean Thompson, Willow decides to give things another go with Justin.

But just as things are getting super-passionate between the lovers, Willow drops a shock bombshell that could ruin everything: she wants to move out of the Morgan house to get back some of her previous freedom and independence! Will Justin take this as a sign their renewed romance is already in trouble?

Elsewhere, the future is looking bright again for student Hunter King after exposing his dishonest university lecturer Christina over her lies. But Hunter's former stepmum Leah Patterson and friends Alf Stewart and Roo Stewart are shocked when Hunter unexpectedly announces he has decided to quit university and feels there is nothing left for him in Summer Bay...

Meanwhile, after yet another bust-up over their baby bombshell, Mason Morgan and Dempsey finally appear to be in agreement when pregnant Dempsey announces she wants to raise the baby with Morgan - as a family. So it looks like med student Morgan really is going to get to be a dad!

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5.