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Home and Away Spoilers: Maggie gets some more bad news

Maggie is upset when she gets some more bad news about potential donors

Coco and Ziggy are thrown to learn the bad news about Maggie's test results and the family's hopes are dashed when they find out Ben isn't a stem cell match and can't be a donor.

Ben and Tori suggest they should find out if Ziggy is compatible but an upset Maggie tell them she isn't prepared to put Ziggy through any potential harm.

Elsewhere, Roo convinces her parents, Alf and Martha, to have dinner together in an attempt to get the pair to put the past behind them and move on. Alf, however, is left furious when the evening doesn't go to plan.

Plus, Robbo's lawyer briefs him ahead of the court case but Robbo is bracing himself when the reality sinks in that the only thing standing between him and a prison sentence are Justin and Ash's testimonies.

Also, is he looking at a long stretch behind bars?