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Home and Away spoilers: Maggie shares her cancer story for Leah's vlog

Home and Away_Week27_Maggie and Ben

With preparations for Brody and Ziggy's whirlwind wedding underway, Maggie agrees to share her cancer story for Leah's website

As plans get underway for her daughter Ziggy's wedding, Maggie is feeling reflective as she undergoes another chemotherapy session.

During a heart-to-heart down at the beach with hubby Ben, the couple reminisce about their own wedding day and Maggie sadly realises there will be a big difference with the next family wedding: no matter how she dresses up, she will still have cancer. Ben does his best to boost Maggie's spirits and later she decides to try and take a positive look at her situation and agrees to share her cancer story in a video for Leah's new website.

Meanwhile, with his ex, Nina still not allowing Justin to see his daughter Ava, Justin's thoughts turn to revenge on Hazel Easton and her family for the bungled kidnapping of Ava which landed them all in this terrible situation. But with no new police leads on Hazel's whereabouts, will Justin go lone ranger and seek out Hazel by himself? Too bad nobody has realized Hazel's wicked daughter Ebony has been living under their noses all this time and has been slowly wrecking the lives of everyone she blames for the death of her brother Boyd.

And Colby has a lucky escape after his fight with Dean. But the close brush with the law helps Colby realise his priorities and how he still wants to track down his missing sister Bella. Not willing to see his life and career go down the pan, Colby starts trying to work out who has a deadly grudge against him...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5.