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Home and Away spoilers: Raffy Morrison confronts Simone Bedford about affair

Home and Away, Raffy Morrison

The epilepsy awareness day at school is a success. But things take a dramatic turn when Raffy discovers the truth about Brody and Simone's affair...

Ryder Jackson was shocked when his girlfriend Raffy Morrison had another epileptic seizure at school recently, and everyone just stood around staring.

So he's come up with the idea for an epilepsy awareness day at Summer Bay High... and dressed entirely in purple for the occasion, looks a bit like Willy Wonka!

But with a special classroom talk from Raffy's hospital doctor sister, Tori Morgan and contributions from students Ryder and Bella Nixon and new support teacher Simone Bedford, the day is a success.

However, the day takes a terrible turn when Raffy overhears a conversation between Tori and school headmistress Maggie Astoni about Brody and Ziggy Morgan's troubled marriage.

Tori and brother Justin later break the shock news to the stunned schoolgirl that Brody has been having an affair and Ziggy has now moved out.

Home and Away, Brody Morgan, Simone Bedford

Simone's affair with Brody causes a scandal at school! (Picture: Channel 5)

Shocked that the other woman is Simone, angry Raffy confronts Simone in front of the other students and refuses to use her as her tutor!

Annoyed that Maggie's unprofessional gossip has caused problems between her and the students, Simone confronts the headmistress about her continued attempts to undermine her at school...

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