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Home and Away spoilers: Can Robbo and Jasmine Delaney be just good friends?

Home and Away, Robbo

Robbo and Jasmine's friendship is still on the rocks after he declared his true feelings. Can the pair get past the awkward situation?

Robbo seems to be the man of the moment as both Tori Morgan and Jasmine Delaney compete for his attention.

Tori has asked him out to dinner at Salt. But the hospital doc has an ulterior motive - she wants to ask Robbo to be a sperm donor so she can start her own family!

But as Tori nervously babbles away, waiting for the right moment to ask the question, he gets the wrong idea and thinks good friend Tori is trying to ask him out romantically!

Will red-faced Tori pluck up the courage to reveal the real reason she invited Robbo out?

Meanwhile, Tori's hospital colleague Jasmine is still in a muddle over where she stands with Robbo. Things have been completely awkward between the pair since Robbo revealed he is falling for her. Unfortunately, Jasmine doesn't feel the same way.

When Jasmine and Robbo finally do meet-up, can they find a way to put their awkward feelings aside and get their friendship back on track?

Elsewhere, Ryder Jackson is still at odds with his girlfriend Coco Astoni, after delivering some home truths about the way she takes him for granted. And with their school friend Raffy Morrison also feeling hurt by the way the pair have been treating her lately, it looks like the fab three are history...

Can Raffy's foster dad John Palmer work his magic to reunite the three former friends?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5