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Home and Away spoilers: Robbo and Jasmine Delaney kiss!

Home and Away, Robbo, Jasmine Delaney

In the heat of the moment, Robbo swoops in for a kiss with friend Jasmine! But will the passionate move ruin their friendship?

Despite Robbo declaring his romantic feelings for Jasmine Delaney, the pair have decided to carry on as just good friends, even though Robbo still feels crushed by Jasmine's rejection.

However, when Robbo discovers the Surf Club gym is up for sale, he's interested by the new business opportunity. He shares his exciting news with Jasmine, and in the heat of the moment swoops in for a kiss with the surprised hospital nurse! Will Jasmine return the kiss... or quickly do a runner?

Mason Morgan is in a muddle after Dempsey Blackwood's decision to raise their baby together as a family, as he's not even sure he and Dempsey work as a couple! Mason turns to his older siblings, Brody, Justin and Tori for advice. But will they tell him what he wants to hear?

Meanwhile, Tori is having baby blues of her own when she discovers her IVF treatment is still in limbo as she's stuck down low on the donor list. However, hospital doctor Tori isn't about to let that stop her and has an idea on how to beat the donor list. Will she be a step closer to becoming a mum?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5.