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Home and Away spoilers: Bad company! Will Ryder Jackson be led astray by Dean Thompson?

Home and Away, Ryder Jackson, Dean Thompson

Ryder Jackson's teenage rebellion continues when he starts hanging out with River Boy Dean. Let's just say Ryder's "Grumps" and Leah are not happy!

Alf Stewart still thinks his grandson Ryder Jackson needs a positive male role-model to look up to, since his own dad did a runner soon after he was born. But Alf certainly wasn't expecting Ryder to become mates with dodgy Dean Thompson, who is shortly due in court and could be facing a prison sentence for the credit card fraud at restaurant Salt among other criminal charges!

However, the pair start hitting it off when Dean tells Ryder tales of how the River Boys surf gang were his "real family" since his mum is not around anymore and he never knew his dad. Ryder begins to realise he and Dean have some big things in common.

But when Alf and Leah Patterson find out who Ryder is keeping company with, they're out to make sure the friendship between Ryder and Dean is short-lived. But will they just push Ryder to rebel even more?

Elsewhere, hospital doc Tori Morgan is still being kept in suspense by Surf Club gym owner Robbo, after asking him to become her sperm donor so she can start her own family. But as Robbo begins to remember Sofia and Lucas, his deceased children, can he bring himself to commit to becoming a father again?

Unaware of the reason Robbo is so distracted, Jasmine Delaney tries to grab some time with him. But when he gives her the brush-off, it just adds to Jasmine's confusion about where the just good friends stand with each other.

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