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Home and Away spoilers: Ryder Jackson discovers Raffy Morrison has brain damage...

Home and Away, Raffy Morrison

Ryder's guilt over Raffy's accident increases when news spreads that comatose Raffy has been left with some brain damage after the tunnel collapse...

Ryder Jackson is already blaming himself for the ill-fated trip to the abandoned hideout once used by the River Boys, which has left his school friend Raffy Morrison in a coma in hospital.

But when further tests reveal Raffy has been left partially brain damaged after suffering a head injury when the basement tunnel collapsed, Ryder feels even worse.

Luckily, Ryder's aunt Roo Stewart is on hand for emotional support, when she returns to Summer Bay after a trip to Hawaii to visit her younger brother Duncan. Roo accompanies Ryder the hospital, where the guilty lad sits and holds Raffy's hand and apologies for everything that has happened.

But will Ryder be able to focus on his High School exams all the while Raffy remains in hospital in a critical state?

Meanwhile, things are awkward between doctor Tori Morgan and nurse Jasmine Delaney now their mutual friend Robbo has committed to having a baby with Tori through IVF treatment. And just when Jasmine has finally decided she does fancy hunky gym boss Robbo after all!

Is there a way for Tori to bring Jasmine and Robbo together, that will also safeguard her and Robbo's baby-making plans?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5