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Home and Away spoilers: Does Simone Bedford have the hots for Brody Morgan?

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Brody Morgan, Simone Bedford

After chef Brody is discovered locked in the storeroom with the restaurant's newest employee Simone, Ziggy and Justin wonder what's going on

Ziggy Morgan is already suspicious there's something brewing between her husband Brody and his new cooking student, Simone Bedford.

So when Brody fails to come home and she and Brody's brother Justin find the chef's restaurant Salt seemingly deserted, they both wonder what's going on. But the pair are in for a surprise when they hear voices coming from the storeroom and discover Brody and Simone accidentally got locked in together!

Home and Away, Simone Bedford

Does Simone have the hots for Ziggy's husband Brody? (Picture: Channel 5)

Ziggy loses her cool when she sees Simone spoon-feeding Brody some food from a can of food they've opened. And despite Simone later insisting their working relationship is purely professional, can Ziggy put her suspicions aside?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, teenager Raffy Morrison still has a lot of drama to deal with following her recent diagnosis with epilepsy and also her almost-kiss with classmate Ryder Jackson!

Then there's the question of where Raffy is going to live. Although she has moved back into the Morgan house with her brothers Justin, Brody and Mason and sister Tori, she misses foster parents John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers.

Stressed out over what to do (and trying to keep everyone happy), Raffy explodes in a rage at big brother Justin and storms off!

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5