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Home and Away spoilers: What is Jett Palmer's BIG news?

Home and Away, Jett Palmer

Platoon Commander Jett reveals to dad John he is leaving for Afghanistan in 48 hours! But how will worried mum Marilyn take the news?

Marilyn Chambers and John Palmer are thrilled by the surprise return of soldier son Jett Palmer, and Marilyn wastes no time in organising a BBQ to welcome Jett back to the Bay.

However, when Alf Stewart, who served in Vietnam, wonders if Jett will be getting shipped out soon, Marilyn's bubble is burst as she doesn't like the idea of the 20-year-old going to war.

Home and Away, Jett Palmer, Raffy Morrison, John Palmer, Marilyn Chambers

There are happy times at the Palmer house. (Picture: Channel 5)

Unfortunately, Marilyn's worst fears are soon to come true, as Jett later confides in dad John that he's going to be in charge of a platoon and is shipping out to Afghanistan in 48 hours! Can Jett and John find a way to break the SHOCK news to Marilyn?

Meanwhile, Raffy Morrison is annoyed her big brother Justin Morgan and sister Tori Morgan are standing in the way of her taking part in a cannabis trial which could help with the teenager's epilepsy. Can she convince them to change their minds?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Ben Astoni tries to give son-in-law Brody Morgan some advice about his marriage to Ziggy. At first, after Ben's talk, it looks like Brody is trying to turn over a new leaf and spend some quality time with wife Ziggy.

But little does Ziggy know, but the love-cheat chef is busy thinking about what the future might look like with his secret lover, Simone Bedford!

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5