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Home and Away spoilers: WHO catches Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson getting frisky?

Home and Away, Ziggy Astoni, Dean Thompson

Ziggy and new boyfriend Dean are left red-faced after her parents Ben and Maggie walk in on the couple in bed together. Whoops!

After his last run-in with new girlfriend Ziggy Astoni's estranged husband, Brody Morgan, before he left Summer Bay, Dean Thompson is now worried their relationship will be short-lived and she will ditch him as soon as someone better comes along.

Dean is determined to prove he's the REAL DEAL. Trouble is, he keeps sneaking into the Astoni house via his girlfriend's bedroom window and Ziggy's dad, Ben also happens to be his boss down at surfie business, Ben's Boards.

So when Ben and wife Maggie walk in on Ziggy and Dean in bed together, is this particular relationship heading into BIG trouble? Or will Ben and Maggie decide to accept Ziggy's new fella?

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Maggie Astoni, Ben Astoni

Ziggy has moved back in with parents Maggie and Ben following the break-up of her marriage. (Picture: Channel 5)

Home and Away, Bella Nixon, Irene Roberts

Smash! Crash! China plates have been broken in the face-off between Bella and Irene. (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, the living arrangements are also awkward at the Beach House, where Irene Roberts has allowed teenager Bella Nixon to move in while she and big brother Colby Thorne go through some family troubles.

However, Bella is testing Irene's patience with her troublesome ways. And after repeatedly asking Bella to take care of the dishes waiting to be washed-up in the sink, Irene is shocked when badly behaved Bella starts to smash the dishes one-by-one!

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5