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Home and Away Spoilers: Will Ash survive?

Will Ash's accident have fatal consequences?

Ash is still trapped underneath the car and is unable to reach his phone. He continues to scream for help but no one hears him. Meanwhile, Justin and Tori continue to fight over Ash and how he is handling the death of Kat and his baby. Justin makes his way to the garage and scrambles to help Ash when he realises that he's trapped under a car. Tori soon turns up the garage but tells Justin not to move Ash as he could die. Can Tori save her ex-boyfriend?

Meanwhile, Jennifer is upset over her break-up with Hunter but refuses to tell Leah that Hunter dumped her as she feels embarrassed. Leah eventually finds out the truth and she tells Hunter to go easy on Jennifer. Hunter decides to speak to Jennifer, but her strange behaviour makes him feel as though she is hiding something. Hunter asks Jennifer if she plans to go back home and she says yes and that she is meeting her dad later to move back in; however, that couldn't be further from the truth…